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  Welcome to the home of the real Extreme XL american bully Hercules aka Big Herk. He is one of the widest dogs on the planet with mass and bone like no other. We are based out of Tuscaloosa Alabama. We breed extreme XL bullys. The goals here are simple, we want to produce the best! The values are you as the customer. We pride ourselves on doing great business! Thank you for visting our website.
My name is Josh. Feel free to contact me anytime at 205-394-4183
or you can email me at JRYAN2064@GMAIL.COM
  Check out the domes on these Monsters!!!
This is what Herk babies look like at 2 weeks.
  Herk Pups  
  Who needs vitamins when we have genetics.
If you're looking for a bull you've come to the right place.
This is what we do!!!!
  Bama Blue Bullies Production  
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